Jennifer Saunders

Film/Video Educator & Performing Artist

.Jennifer Saunders and her brother David founded People 4 People Productions in 1991.

Both native Detroiters, Jennifer was trained in Graduate Media Studies

at the New School For Social Research in New York City.

As a Film Media Literacy Educator, she taught as a licensed High School

Film Teacher for the NYC Department of Education, Adjunct Professor of Film Studies

at Rutgers University, and Teaching Artist for Young Audiences/New York.

Saunders who's taught hundreds of public school students since 1986

takes 'diamonds in the rough', stirs their intellectual and creative juices

and grows change agents and lifelong students of film and media studies.

Without acquisition of the skills and judgment processes Saunders' program enlightens, calls for action on issues of equity and justice, even with our sincerest efforts to effect change, cannot succeed without examining underlying yet unarticulated phenomena

that are addressed in Film Media Literacy Education. 

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