Schedule of &vents

6 pm- 7 pm  'Opening Presentation' and 'Ice Breaker Games'

9 am - 11:30 am Workshop Presentation - 'The Art of Mis En Scene' & Video Production

This session is used to 'Meet-n- Greet' and  

Welcome New Learners To The 'World of Moving Images'

7 pm - 9 pm  Workshop Presentations  

  This session is used to introduce learners to (1) mise en scene

 (2) our 'Introduction To Filmmaking Mobile' program and

(3) Gnowbe, the micro-learning mobile platform

11:30 am Lunch  

1:30 pm - 5:30 pm  Video Production    

This session is used to introduce the community to 'The Film Salon',

 and to network, engage and have fun.

8:30 pm -  After-Party  & Film Salon Meet-Up  

This session is used for teams to organize, plan, capture, and edit their final film project

and for community members to engage in work station tech discovery.

6:30 pm - Video Screenings  & Exhibitions

 Participants screen final film projects, lead open discussions, and share 

new ideas, views, and perspectives for community building.

 Facilitation For Community Involvement

DiscoTechs are collective organizing spaces that bring out the assets of a community.

This is what makes them beautiful and special. DiscoTechs thrive when people

take the time to think and work together.

If someone says “I know how to use my phone well,”

they can manage a station that shares that knowledge with others.

Anything Is Possible & Together We Are All Geniuses.

Seating: Classroom style rectangular tables with chairs

on one side.

 Work Tables: Banquet style setup using rectangular tables for teams of six.

Camera Phones 

How to engage with your mobile phone to take photos, store, organize, retrieve and make using your camera phone easier and more fun and interactive.


 Gnowbe, the micro-learning mobile platform used for teaching and learning and creating courses that connect  learners globally. 

Mobile Video


How to use the video camera to record video, and download popular easy-to-use apps for editing and animation.

Mobile Camera Apps 

  feature basic editing tools like cropping, coloring, and lighting to improve the look of your photos. 

Live Streaming Events

 using apps like Facebook Time. Periscope, Instagram Live and others to preserve memories, engage, and interact.

(Food & Beverages Served)

(Food & Beverages Served)

(Food & Beverages Served)

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 Hands-On-Stations & Digital Stewarts

 Saturday Morning 

 Friday Evening 

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