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Political and Cultural Way of American Life

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 Film Salon 2020

  Where You Question What You See, What You Don't See and Why

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Lessons In Mise En' Scene 

 Reflections In Societal Anxieties of Our Times

 “a slow descent of the character starts off a little bit off and then just goes down and down and down. By the end of the film, he's completely lost sense of himself.”

Metaphors, Allegories

  and Familiar Images 

" The three bad guys in Joker's subway scene are a metaphor.

For what society is doing, what the politicians are doing, what the government is doing, and what humanity is doing to its own.”

Joker‘s Make-Up Maestro, Nicki Ledermann

Joker‘s Make-Up Maestro, Nicki Ledermann

 'Joker' Subway Scene

Director Todd Phillips/Actor Joaquin Phoenix


" By learning the meaning of colors and shapes, I learned how to interpret the reality of the environment we live in and the subtle messages being portrayed.  It was so interesting to me that I still carry that information with me and I'm still learning lessons from those lessons."

Danny Ochoa


Graphic Communications Arts High School, NYC

In this shot from 'The Joker', passengers (screen-right), pictured in triangular formation subliminally signal that the plot is about to change.