Film Media Literacy Education equips new learners with the 21st-century foundational skills

you need for full participation in the life of our new media-saturated, information-rich society.

Enter the world of moving images to learn how moving images impact our attitudes, perceptions,

behaviors, and real-life experiences.  You'll discover how hidden messages and meaning

running beneath the surface chaos of a movie's narrative acts to shape your values and beliefs.

Film Media Literacy Education isn't just something nice to have - it's ESSENTIAL.

Film Media Literacy Education Workshops

Get Film Media Literate.

The Time For Film Media Literacy Education Is Now.

Without the skills and judgment processes it enlightens, and the underlying

unarticulated phenomena it addresses, calls for action on issues of justice and equity

that we need to build a better world even with our sincerest efforts, cannot succeed. 

Learn how to create videos that communicate powerfully, effectively,

and in a collective voice about the critical issues we face.