Film Media Literacy Education


"By learning the meaning of colors and shapes, I learned how to interpret the reality of the environment we live in and the subtle messages being portrayed. It was so interesting to me

that I still carry that information with me, and I'm still learning lessons from those lessons."

Danny Ochoa

The High School of Graphic Communication Arts

New York, New York

"Thank you for guiding the students to the point of sophistication in appreciating the power of media

and in helping them understand the discipline it takes to be students of, if not professional filmmakers, everyone."

Leslie Embriano, Principal

The High School of Art and Design

New York, New York

"The truth may not be stranger than fiction, but it can be just as entertaining.  Just ask

the students in  Jennifer Saunders' Film Class at The High School of Art and Design. 

Marc Ferris


New York Newsday

Queens, New York

Whereas technology is a tool that is taught and learned, the value of Film Media Literacy Education lies in what is achieved when

our youth learn how to work together to communicate a vision and explore the world we live in, in exciting new ways.

Standing At The Intersection of Education, Technology, Media,

& The World's Fourth Industrial Revolution