Film Media Literacy Education Courses

Introduction To Filmmaking Mobile


Course Description

 We. Think. Images Matter.

This course was created and curated by People 4 People Productions and is designed to provide fundamental knowledge for individuals who are interested in learning how to create films and videos using mobile phones.  At the end of the course, learners will improve their knowledge of the basic rules that govern basic Photographic Composition and Photo Journalism and Animation. 

Learning Objectives:

1.  Build the artistic confidence learners need to apply Photographic rules governing Composition.

2.  Introduce learners to the basic techniques, rules, and regulations governing Photo Journalism.

3.  Introduce learners to the basic camera and editing techniques for Animation, Video and Film Production.

4.  Heighten sensory perceptive skills, creative skills, and the artistic confidence needed to create compelling stories using mobile phones and video and film cameras.  

This Course Is Designed For:

  • This course is designed for learners who would like to increase their knowledge of how to capture impactful photos that engage their viewers.
  • Limited-English language learners, wheelchair-bound learners, learners with reading, writing, and other learning disabilities, teenagers, young children and adults who are interested in learning how to create videos that tell compelling stories.
  • Learners who are interested in learning how to amplify their voices about the issues they care about using video.
  • Learners who are interested in obtaining the image-based creative communication skills employers want workers to have today.

Certificates of Completion are granted to all learners who successfully complete all of the exercises and activities of the program.


People 4 People Productions is providing this course to the best of its ability, knowledge, and experience.  We strive to present the information in a simple to understand format.  We are not responsible for the outcome of the application of the learner's proficiency in applying the information we provide.  Sample photographs in the program are used to build upon the teaching materials provided and the terms governing the creative commons license.  


No person shall copy, alter, sell, transfer, rent, license, publish, distribute or disseminate any content in the course.  All copyrights and rights in the content of this course belong to People 4 People Productions and nothing herein confers on any person any right or interest in the course.

  • Develop the basic photo composition skills needed to create videos and films.
  • Develop the basic photo Journalism skills needed to tell compelling stories using still images.
  • Learn mobile designed animation software and how to create animated stories.
  • Build the image-based communication skills employers want workers to have today.