Participants interested in competing in our 'Filmmaking Mobile' 45-Hour Project

must be a community resident between the ages of 13-18, have basic mobile tech skills,

a smartphone, and a strong interest in learning how to create films and videos

that support the health and welfare of our communities.


 A Weekend Of Adrenaline, Fun And Creativity!

Our 45-Hour Film Project is really quite simple. It is a test of you and your team's ability to work together and make a movie in only 45 hours. The sense of accomplishment is tremendous - and you will celebrate by watching your film on the big screen.

Film Structure Assignment

Cinematic Structure, Familiar Image & Film Color(s) Requirements 


At our Kickoff Event, in a 2-minute pitch, teams will describe the community story they intend to tell, then afterward from a grab bag, pick three (3) cinematic storytelling structures they must use to shape the telling of their story. Additionally, teams will be required to include in their story the use of at least one (1) Familiar Image and at least one dominating color. 

Required Dominating Color(s)

The required use of a dominating color should be used to reinforce the intended impact you intend for your audience to experience. 

Required Cinematic Structure

The required cinematic structure must be in accordance with 'The 8 Basic Laws of Cinema' as presented in the complimentary online 'filmmaking mobile' smartphone program to be given to teams 2-weeks prior to the start of the event.

Required Familiar Image

The 'Familiar Image' required in your film (learned in the complimentary online 'filmmaking mobile' smartphone program and distributed 2-weeks prior to the start of the event) must be used as a metaphor, allegory, or underlying message to reinforce your film's basic underlying message. 

Audience Impact Intent

At the Sunday evening presentation, before the public screening, each team will identify for the event judges only; the genre chosen for your story (ex: comedy, drama. documentary) who the film is targeted for (ex. teens, senior citizens, middle-class Americans, skinny people, etc.) and whether the film intends to either: 

1.  Inform

2. Motivate, and inspire

3. Move to action. 

Your film will be judged according to what your intended purpose was for your targeted audience. 

 Filmmaking Mobile

 Paperwork Requirements

If You're Going To Be A Successful Filmmaker, You've Got To Have The Right Paperwork!! Film releases are an important part of the filmmaking process. Without all of the releases, your brilliant movie could run into legal issues and/or not be screened. We've got all of the forms that you need. 

 Paperwork Deadlines

The Team Leader Agreement must be submitted by the kickoff of your 45-Hour Film Project. The rest are all due before the Dropoff deadline, along with your film.

Upload all paperwork to:

 Team Leader's Agreement

1 per team, due at Kickoff.  The Team Leader must sign this form to indicate agreement to the Project's rules and requirements. This form must be submitted prior to filmmaking as indicated above.

Team Roster

1 per team, due at kickoff, tells us who is on your team, their job, and their e-mail address.

Certification Statement

1 per team, due at Dropoff.  The Team Leader must sign this form to certify that all creative work took place during the Official Competition Period.

 Waiver and Release Form

1 per cast/crew, due at Kickoff. This is a combined Talent Release and Liability Waiver Form, meaning there's one less form you have to keep track of. All cast and crew must sign. Each team member must sign a separate form.  Remember, this form helps protect you, the team leader, as well as the Project.

Materials Release Form

1 per item/creator, due at Dropoff.  This form is used for sound effects, photographs, stock footage as part of a post-production effect (including relevant video filters), and other materials.

Music Release Form

1 per song/artist, due at Dropoff.  This form is used for music. Every song in your film must have a music release form.

Location Release Form

1 per location, due at Dropoff.  This form is used for location releases.

 Production Team Checklist Form