Whereas Technology is a tool that is taught and learned, the value of film media literacy education lies in what is achieved

when our youth learn how to work together to communicate a vision and explore the world we live in, in exciting new ways.

Session 1

Introduction To Film Media Literacy

This session is used to introduce students to the subliminal impact of various camera shots, angles, shapes, colors and other familiar images. Camera calisthenics, movement, timing and rhythm exercises are used to introduce students to digital cameras and smartphones. 

Session 2

Introduction To Mise En Scene

This session is used to introduce students to Mise En Scene and the isolation of shots and movie scenes for close examination and study.  Students examine popular television commercials to demonstrate how colors, shots and angles are used to promote products and societal values. 

Session 3

Introduction To Critical Film Review

This session is used to demonstrate how movies mirror, differ, and directly affect

perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and experiences in the 'real world'.  Students choose

an Academy award-winning film for analysis and review. 

Session 4

The Art of Storyboarding

This session is used to introduce students to the art of storyboarding. Upside-down drawing exercises are used to demonstrate how to access the part of the brain that 'draws'. 

Session 5

 Sound and Sound Effects

This session is used to introduce students to the art of listening, sound, scriptwriting, special effects and 21st-century digital audio technology. 

Students learn in intimate workshop settings through screenings, readings, technical demonstrations, in-person and online production exercises, class critiques, and visiting professionals.