• Improve your teaching performance, impact, and personal achievement exponentially 
  • Develop advanced media skills and the know-how to effectively incorporate video into your communications toolkit.
  • Heighten your sensory perception skills to build artistic confidence
  • Learn how to use Film Media Literacy Education to teach across multiple academic disciplines and technical competencies. 
  • Learn to create visually stimulating persuasive presentations using video.
  • Become familiar with friendly editing production tools and video language as these concepts become part of the common vernacular.

This course was created and curated by our Film Media Literacy Educator, Jennifer Saunders. It's designed to provide fundamental knowledge for New York City Educators interested in exponentially improving their teaching performance, impact, and personal achievement using 21st-century mobile technology and Film Media Literacy Education.

Learning Objective: Increase performance, productivity, and personal achievement for Educators.

Teaching Aim:  

1. Build artistic confidence Educators need to apply the creative exercises and activities that govern Film Media 

Literacy Education's best teaching practices.

2. Introduce teachers to the basic techniques governing micro-learning and the Gnowbe platform.

3. Introduce teachers to the basic camera and editing techniques of video production.

4. Heighten sensory perception, critical thinking, communication, and collaborative skills, teachers need to create

videos that tell compelling stories.


9:30 - 10:00   Coffee & Conversation

Early arrivals are given the opportunity to meet and greet, have a cup of coffee and

a conversation before the workshop begins. 

10:00 - 10:30  Welcome & Ice-Breaker Warm Ups

Participants are provided an opportunity to get to know each other using an ice-breaker

warm-up exercise. 

10:30 - 11:30   Introduction To Film Media Literacy Education with  Jennifer Saunders

Saunders introduces participants to film media literacy, the art of mise en scene, the basic rules that govern smartphone filmmaking, camera calisthenics, mobile micro-learning and the critical 4C's skills-set.

 Our Local Sponsors

2:00 Guest Speaker  ZENAIDA MENDEZ

4:00 - 5:00 Program Closing

Participants upload their final video short to the Gnowbe platform for the workshop closing review and group presentation.


Zenaida holds the esteemed position of Director of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center.  She also has an extensive experience in public service, community activism, television production, and filmmaking. 

As a social justice activist, she is an avid voice for women, LGBTQ rights, and racial and economic justice.  Zenaida also develops programming initiatives and partnerships with local non-profits and community groups. 

Zenaida Mendez is the Executive Producer of the monthly produced MNN Productions                                               

  • Both Sides Of The Bars
  • Radical Imagination
  • Critica
  • NY
  • Punto de Vista
  • Makilala TV
  • Health Action TV w. former NYC Borough President, Virginia Fields
  • Forward Together w. Bishop William J. Barber II and The Poor People's Campaign

As a Filmmaker, Zenaida collaborated on 

  • Coffee and A Donut, the 2019 Best Short Film  Award, Independence Latino Film Festival NYC
  • International Indie Works, Audience Choice Award, SAG-AFTRA Foundation
  • Short Film Showcase
  • Dominican Film Festival Showcase

As a Co-Producer

  • Clandestiny, The Artemis 'Women-In-Action' Film Award


11:30 - 12:00 (Virtual) Guest Speaker  SO-YOUNG KANG

12:00 - 1:00 Educators 'Create-A-Thon' Challenge

In groups of three, participants will work 'on location' at the site using 'guerilla filmmaking style' to create a short story using their smartphones and our Filmmaking-On-Mobile Gnowbe program.

So-Young Kang, the creator of Gnowbe has earned numerous awards and accolades for her development of the Gnowbe platform including being recognized as one of the top 3 leading micro-learning platforms by The World Economic Forum.

So-Young will share her journey from Queens, New York as a public high school student to Harvard University, how and why she came to create Gnowbe, and her hope for helping build a better world by maximizing and humanizing teaching and learning for the 21st-Century. 

1:00 Lunch Is Served

Participants have an opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and enjoy a meal served up with entertainment hosted by Community Activist, Rodney Deas, aka 'The Real Radio Rahim' and Motivational Hip-Hop Artist from Martinsville, Virginia, CAMRYHD.


This Course Is Designed For:

  • NYC Educators who would like to increase their knowledge of how to inspire high school students to take ownership of their learning.
  • NYC Educators who would like to bring Film Media Literacy Education and smartphone filmmaking to limited-English language learners, wheelchair-bound learners, and learners with reading, writing, and other learning disabilities.
  • NYC Educators who would like to learn how to equip high school students with the 21-st century technical skills they need to help build the communities we live and work in.
  • NYC Educators interested in helping build school communities.