"Sometimes, the best way to change a mind is to see the world through the eyes of a child.  When we look at our nation and world through our children’s eyes and hearts we are able to see how much urgency needs action."

- Marian Wright Edelman

Children's Defense Fund

 Why We Do

  What We Do. 

 Struggle is a never-ending process.  Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation

- Coretta   Scott King

What We Do. 

How We Do It. 

Our Creative Exercises Heighten Critical Thinking Skills

 and is Safe and Healthy For All Generations

  Learners Isolate Shots for Close Examination To Study

 And Discover Hidden Messages and Meaning in Films

Mise En Scene Matters.

 Learning By Creating.

 Learning By Doing.

Project and Problem-Based Learning, Teamwork, and Collaboration 

 Build The 4C's Skills-Set Youth Need Before Entering The Workforce

Learners Transfer Knowledge Gained To Create Videos That Communicate Powerfully, Effectively and Collectively About Critical Issues That Matter 

Film Media Literacy Education's Potential

To Solve The Problems We Face Has Never Been Greater 

and Never More Needed Than Now

 When Everything is Media.

A Film Media Literacy Education isn't just something nice to have - 

but critical for youth and communities committed to Freedom, Justice, and Democracy

 We Make Learning Fun Using Storytelling

and Commercial Ads Learners Love To Watch 

 New Tech.

  For Enhanced Learning. 

 Outcomes. Projections.

Our programs offer their own magnetism-relevant,

real-world content, and context that fosters life long learning.

We position youth for entry in the Media & Entertainment Industry,

the largest M&E market in the world, worth 100 billion by 2020,

employing 3 million individuals a year. 

How You Can Help.

Our programs and activities unlock the black box of the brain that can realize an identity aspirational for learners. 

We use foundational scientific techniques

that foster behavior changes and the potential

for a new renaissance for learners.

We teach youth how to use technology to create stories that communicate their vision for the future and how they want to live.

We develop cooperative business models that promote a new circular economy capable of maximizing human and planetary well-being. 

 Critical Review & Analysis.

We use Gnowbe, the micro-learning mobile platform

to deliver actions and activities in preparation

for Film Media Literacy Workshops improving

the effectiveness of face-to-face time, 

during workshops capturing real-time learning and post-workshop to reinforce learning.

We Stand At 

The Intersection 0f 

Education, Media,



The World's Fourth Industrial Revolution

We need places in the cities where we live where we can connect and meet in person.  A place where we don't spend a vast amount of our resources to produce the things we need to transform our lives, be more efficient, source

things locally and impact huge change.

We are open to learning.  As humans, we can take the extra step to help technology build a better world. As youth, we need a new education and training to

be prepared for the future of work. 

When you take responsibility for helping us learn how to adapt to the technological challenges and changes we face, you help redefine what it means to be human, what

it means to work and what it means to be completely embedded in our new world.


and Youth Activism

 Is Giving Wings To 

The Issues Of Our Day