People 4 People Productions is a transformational media community network of international and purpose-driven arts educators, academic thought leaders, researchers, industrial designers, and industry and technology experts. We partner with public schools, community organizations, and occupational workforce development programs to deliver workforce readiness Film Media Literacy Education programs to youth between the ages of 14-18 years old.

Our accelerated, collaborative, innovative teaching approach has (3) key components. 

1. The talent with the right open mindset and education to empower students.

2. In a fluid environment with an open mind to technology and the accelerated learning potential of our youth, we create many paths to learning.

3.  Our third most important and enduring export is a diverse, receptive, and nurturing network and environment.

Our mindset is that everyone has something to teach you, and that insights and learning can come from different directions regardless of age, role, or tenure.